Union Bank and Trust Commercial

Shot a commercial for Union Bank and Trust in Culpeper, VA on January 20, 2017.  Produced by MRB Films, Baltimore, MD.  Directed by Bryan Elsom.  I’m unable to load the file here but you can find it on my YouTube and Facebook pages.  Fun shoot!

On “BULL” Tuesday November 1st!

Don’t miss me on “Bull” this Tuesday November 1st at 9pm on CBS.  I play the Chief Of Surgery and it was a fun shoot.  Hope you can check it out!

Here’s a pic from the shoot with co-star Jaime Lee Kirchner.


I Love You… But I Lied airs 07.07!

My episode of ILYBIL on Lifetime airs Thursday July 7th at 10pm. Two episodes air back to back and mine(Desperate Deal) airs 2nd I believe. You can also catch it on LMN July 13th at 10pm. Tune itn!

Adult-ish and Level 3

Here’s the latest on the work front:

Recently shot an episode of the webseries “Adult-ish” with Victoria Bennett, Ashley Hearon-Smith, and Justin Morck.  Fun scene!  Looking forward to seeing it when season 3 gets posted.  In the meantime checkout earlier episodes here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUFl9AyT3wZk6Y_C2ueIW1w

Also, I recently completed a VO for Level 3.  You can see and hear it here:  http://www.level3.com/en/customer-center/my-level-3-customer-portal/

Click on My Level 3 Customer Portal.

That’s it for now.  More soon!

I Love You… But I lied

It’s been a while since I wrote… I’ll chalk it up to being busy!  Last week I shot an episode of Lifetime’s “I Love You… But I Lied”.  Fun shoot with director Michael Selditch and fellow actors  Bridget Gabbe, Josh Salt, Anne Hubbard, and Sam Finn Cutler.  Much of the show is improv so it really keeps you on your toes.  Can’t wait to see it!  Attached is a photo of Bridget and me on set.  IMG_5428

Coming up next an audition February 29th for NBC’s The Blacklist.

Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New year to one and all.  I hope 2015 treated you well and that 2016 looks even better.  To start off the new year I thought I’d post this spot I voiced for VisitSanAntonio.com that ran during the Alamo Bowl.  Enjoy!


Person Of Interest

Had a great time working on Person Of Interest December 15th.  The role was a very powerful person(I can’t say more) and involved a lot of physicality.  Looking forward to seeing it in the Spring or Summer.  BTW:  the director was Tim Matheson, Otter from Animal House!  Great guy with a fun sense of humor.  Here’s a photo from the set.IMG_5168

My Episode of GOTHAM airs Monday Nov. 16!

It’s been a month and a half since we shot our scene and it will finally air Monday November 16th at 8pm Eastern on FOX.  Can’t wait to see it and I hope you feel the same!

In other news I auditioned for Netflix’s House Of Cards November 4th and thought it went very well.  Didn’t get the gig though… which is part of the acting game… you take what you learn and move on.  Also auditioned for CBS’s Person Of Interest on November 12th and I did get cast!  Can’t give away any spoilers but it’s a very cool role!  Looking forward to shooting my scene in the coming week.

That’s it for now.  If you read any of these posts please comment so I know someone’s seeing them.  Peace out!