My Episode of GOTHAM airs Monday Nov. 16!

It’s been a month and a half since we shot our scene and it will finally air Monday November 16th at 8pm Eastern on FOX.  Can’t wait to see it and I hope you feel the same!

In other news I auditioned for Netflix’s House Of Cards November 4th and thought it went very well.  Didn’t get the gig though… which is part of the acting game… you take what you learn and move on.  Also auditioned for CBS’s Person Of Interest on November 12th and I did get cast!  Can’t give away any spoilers but it’s a very cool role!  Looking forward to shooting my scene in the coming week.

That’s it for now.  If you read any of these posts please comment so I know someone’s seeing them.  Peace out!

On the set of GOTHAM!

Had a great day October 1st filming a role for the FOX series GOTHAM at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn.  Worked with series lead Ben McKenzie.  Nice guy and turns out we had a connection(sort of)… he went to the University of Virginia  in Charlottesville and I lived in VA for 20 years!  It’s a bit of a stretch but it got us talking.  Anyway, here’s a photo from the set.  Episode is the 9th of the season so should air November 16th.



“The Characters” and “GOTHAM”

Happy to say the Summer wrapped up strong and the Fall is off to a great start.  On August 31st I shot an episode of “The Characters” for Netflix playing a Craps Dealer.  The show stars and was written by Tim Robinson(SNL, LateNight with Seth Meyers).  Have no idea when it will air!


And on October 1st I’ll be shooting an episode of “GOTHAM”, playing… well I won’t say at this time as we’ve yet to shoot it but I’m in a scene with the lead!  Pretty exciting!  GOTHAM airs on FOX and the episode is directed by Louis Milito.

A Crime To Remember

IMG_4682On Wednesday of this week I shot an episode of “A Crime To Remember” for DiscoveryID.  Featured was the story of Dr. Sam Sheppard who was accused of killing his wife in 1950’s Cleveland(Wikipedia it for more info).  I played Judge Blythin who ruled on the case.  Fun shoot in Staten Island with my good friend Allen Enlow.  Not sure when it will air but I’ll keep you posted!

Happy July 4th!

Here’s hoping everyone has a great July 4th weekend planned.  The Wife and I are heading to Yankee Stadium tonight to watch the Yanks take on the Rays(our daughter is with the grandparents) and tomorrow we’ll be lazing around the pool at Nina’s relatives.  Not a bad holiday!

June was a great work month… I signed with Stewart Talent to rep me for Union commercial work(they’ve repped me for Union VO work since 2009) and had the pleasure of working with director Matt Pittroff on an industrial in Baltimore.  It was the second time I’ve worked with Matt this year.  Good guy!  Also last month, VO’s for Funk-e, Pfizer, Robert Half, and Optimum among others.  I like work.

Have a great holiday!


A busy day in the big City

A busy day today… and that’s a good thing!  This morning I’ve been doing VO auditions for Roger Becker at Just Voices and Erik Sheppard at Voice Talent Productions.  Then it’s off to the big City for:  an on-camera callback for CHIEF which has something to do with International Relief; a narration for XERIC which is some kind of pump; multiple VO’s for long time client Paul’s TV;  and an audition for Karen Kohlhass’s Directing Class.  Better jump in the shower!

1st Day of June

And it’s cold and wet!  Feels more like Fall than Summer.  Had an interesting weekend… rode my bike 57 miles in preparation for the Ride To Conquer Cancer which I’m participating in this coming weekend.  150 miles over two days… it won’t be easy!  But it’s for a great cause and we’ll give it our best shot.

Attached is a link to a commercial for HomeServe, a home warranty company that was shot back in February.  Take a look at let me know what you think.



Post Memorial Day

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!  I rode bike, stripped paint, and drank a wee bit too much wine, among other things.  But now it’s back to the work week…  Tuesday finds me at Don Case with a VO audition for Wagon Train dog food, and at Stewart Talent where I’m having a meeting with commercial agent Amanda Nyman.  And speaking of commercials attached is a link to a spot we shot for MetLife at the end of January.  Let me know what you think!