Post Memorial Day

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!  I rode bike, stripped paint, and drank a wee bit too much wine, among other things.  But now it’s back to the work week…  Tuesday finds me at Don Case with a VO audition for Wagon Train dog food, and at Stewart Talent where I’m having a meeting with commercial agent Amanda Nyman.  And speaking of commercials attached is a link to a spot we shot for MetLife at the end of January.  Let me know what you think!


Save The Ocean!

Attached is a link to a VO I did for an explainer video talking about the Ocean Cleanup Project.  It’s a method to remove the tons of plastic presently polluting our oceans.  Take a look and then contribute if you’re so inclined!

A coffee drinking day

It’s a quiet day on the work front… no auditions in the City today.  Instead I’ll do some social networking and submit auditions from my home studio… while drinking multiple cups of coffee!  Attached is a link to a VO job I recently completed for one of my best clients, Funk-e, out of Rotterdam.  Funk-e produces explainer videos and I’ve voiced a boatload of them over the past few years.  The link will take you to the first “Bill & Bob” video… I play both characters(granted Bob doesn’t say much!).   Let me know what you think.

On-camera auditions today

Welcome to Monday!  Hope you had a fine weekend.  But now, back to the grind… Today I have a couple of on-camera auditions.  The first is a commercial for Mass Mutual and the second is  an industrial for CHIEF.  Mass Mutual is blue collar, CHIEF is “Super Business Attire”… whatever that means.  Let’s see if we can knock these puppies dead!

New Website

Remember This?
Welcome to my new website…